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Catching Up With Sadie!

Who better to kick off our “Catching Up With…” series than Sadie (formerly known as Melanie), BHF’s first grant recipient!

To read Sadie’s complete story, beautifully written by her owner, Martha, check out her Happy Hearts page!

In short, immediately after adopting 18 month old Sadie, Martha noticed her heartbeat was not what it should be. A visit to the vet confirmed that Sadie had a Grade 6 heart murmur, a significantly enlarged heart, and would likely go into congestive heart failure within weeks. A veterinary cardiologist then diagnosed Sadie with patent ductus arteriosus, PDA, which, while curable with surgery, can cost between $2,000 and $5,000! Martha immediately set about looking for financial assistance and after several dead ends, found The Big Hearts Fund. Needless to say, shortly after contacting BHF, Sadie received the needed funds, underwent surgery, and came through with flying colors.

Since her surgery, Sadie has made a full recovery and continues to bring warmth and joy into home that saved her. Below is the latest update from her mom, Martha:

“Sadie is now like a new dog and is experiencing the puppyhood she couldn’t have due to her illness. She plays and runs and jumps like her legs are made of springs! She loves sunning herself on the porch, and her most favorite thing to do is chase and chew up balls of paper like it’s her job. It’s difficult to get a non-blurry picture of her as she is almost always in motion now! She has also breathed new life into my senior Chihuahua, Molly, who was grieving the loss of her best friend when Sadie entered our lives. She’s a wonderful companion and cuddle buddy for Molly. Plus, she has turned out to be a blessing of another type. Molly has suffered from seizures most of her life, and we’ve discovered that Sadie can tell when a seizure is about to occur, which gives me time to prepare medication for Molly. Sadie is a miracle in many ways, and I am so grateful to the BHF and its supporters for helping to save her.”

Thank you Martha, for your commitment to Sadie’s life, and THANK YOU to BHF’s amazing supporters for making her surgery and new life possible!