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Catching up with Caesar!

This past fall, Caesar was given only weeks to live. Like so many of BHF’s applicants, Ceasar was born with PDA and required immediate surgery. Also like so many of BHF’s applicants, Caesar’s owner is disabled and lives on a very limited budget, preventing him from being able to afford such a costly surgery. Unlike many of BHF’s applicants, Caesar’s doctor was already familiar with The Big Hearts Fund and referred Caesar to us for help. With a grant from BHF, this lovable little guy underwent lifesaving surgery on November 6, went home the next day, and hasn’t looked back!

Below is a little update from Caesar’s dad:

“Caesar went into surgery on November 6 and came home on the evening of November 7. He currently is running around playing with our other dog, Beethoven. He wouldn’t be here today without your charity. We cannot thank you enough for giving us more time with him. He’s a precious little guy that we love dearly. We had originally thought we’d just be giving him the best life possible until we found out his heart murmur was curable. After scrambling to find help from anywhere, you guys were able seal the deal for us.

It’s amazing how quickly animals become a family member and seeing them in distress is something no one wants to see. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to spend a happy healthy, heart murmur free life with Caesar.”

We love you Caesar!