Dedicated to raising funds and awareness
for dogs and cats diagnosed
with heart disease.

Punchy's Story

Punchy reached his funding goal at the beginning of December 2012! His treatment will take place later in December, when we will post updates. Thanks to all of our generous donors!

The following story was written by Punchy’s owner, Dina:

We rescued Punchy in Nov. 2011. We took him from a guy who breeds his pitbull but could not sell these puppies because they were a mix with a walker hound. We fell in love immediately. Everyone loves that face!

We got Punchy at 6 weeks old. He just turned 1 year old Sept. 20. We love him and want him to have a normal life. He has been diagnosed with Pulmonic Stenosis, which is where one heart valve does not open properly.

He is currently on blood pressure medicine to help with the restricted blood flow, but this is just a temporary aide. He will need a balloon valvulopasty to open the valve permanently.

He has the best personality. His favorite thing is to cuddle and be hugged. He wants the most possible body area to touch you at all times.

He wants to play with everyone and every dog. My brother’s Chihuahua snaps at his nose and he does not even snap back. He just looks at him like: “Really?”

He loves to run along our fence with the neighbor children. He will play all by himself when we get tired.

His favorite food is anything we are eating.

His favorite naughty cuisine is flip flops.


“Well Punchy is finally back home and sooooo much better. Thanks so much to everyone there and all of the people who supported us. We are so thankful. His stenosis was decreased 75% which in turn assisted his breathing and circulation. Now when he runs his face does not turn all red nor does he gasp for air, Thank goodness! He is now at a number of 50 which normal is between 20-30 so a little more than normal but his orginal number before the surgery was 150. OMG!!!! God is so good! Although his rate has decreased GREATLY he will require monitoring closely and some follow up as well. They also increased his blood pressure meds. Overall with the decrease and meds his life expectancy is almost normal. He will be at a higher risk for congestive heat failure with age. Again we are so thankful and appreciate everything you have done for us!"