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for dogs and cats diagnosed
with heart disease.


Needs $250

Ralphy’s mom describes him as “101 pounds of pure love,” and we’re inclined to believe her!

“Ralphy is my 5-year-old fur baby,” she says. “He was given to me and my two children as a pup, and on his first vet visit we learned of his heart murmur. We have managed his Pulmonic Stenosis with meds for many years, but sadly this is no longer an option. It is heartbreaking to watch him sleep most of the time due to his lack of energy.”

Like many dogs with Pulmonic Stenosis, Ralphy has lost his energy and doesn’t understand why. Despite his constant discomfort, his mom reports that he still “begs to go on [his] daily walks, panting and labored.” Where he used to walk for hours, he is now only able to walk for a few minutes without showing major symptoms of heart failure.

Ralphy loves long car rides and walks, “and the popsicles that follow”! He loves to go camping with his family, and also loves other animals (cats and guinea pigs alike). He sleeps on his mom’s bed every night, but not before lying down first with both of her children – his human brother and sister.

“I cannot bear the thought of life without him,” his mom says. “He is a constant source of joy for my children and for me. He is my sidekick! He cheers me up when I am sad. He IS love.”

Was there ever a better description of a dog? Isn’t that what they are to us all?

In order to continue being the source of joy that he is for his family, Ralphy will need surgery to correct his Pulmonic Stenosis. However, a surgery costing thousands of dollars is not a manageable cost for Ralphy’s family. BHF is offering Ralphy a $500 grant from the general fund with a chance to raise an additional $250 online, which will make this surgery a reality and keep Ralphy alive.

From the bottom of your great, big heart – won’t you help?